MMSI is proud to offer custom machining and turning from one of prototype to high volume production. Our diverse equipment is capable of a wide array of processes which range from small precision parts through larger ones requiring heavy metal removal.


Ferrous and non-ferrous metals including frame and conveyor systems utilizing MIG, TIG, Flux-core, aluminum, stainless and cast iron.


Machining and assembly of product is only the start, if welding and metal forming is also part of your end item MMSI is the facility of choice for a completed project!

Grinding & Honing

From surface grinding to O.D. grinding with a 6 x 18 window, honing to 6″.


When we finis your product(s) we can package and label utilizing commercial practices SPI’s and GQAR inspection requirements including RFID and UFID.


After we finish manufacturing your components we also offer the services to assemble them. This alleviates you the customer from the logistics and coordination issues associated component.